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She wondered how he would look as he died, as his last breath issued from his lungs, and it bothered her that she was even allowing herself to contemplate this.

This is the sentence that saw the birth of professional killer extraordinaire, Chrysanthemum Stone. When he first wrote this sentence, Peter Sexton knew nothing of Stone: not who she was nor what she did for a living. He only knew that the woman had killed a man.

Learning that she was a professional killer came as a complete (though pleasant) surprise to Sexton. What had begun as a character study quickly became a love affair with a character so complex that the possibilities seemed endless. And, after more than a dozen stories (including the award-winning Heart of Stone), a full understanding of Stone still seems lifetimes out of reach.

If she were nothing more than a killer, it is doubtful that the series would be continuing to grow. But she is more than just a killer. In many ways she is like any one of us, and at the same time, unlike any one of us. She shares many of our desires and hopes, our fears and concerns.

She is a woman, that is all. A woman like any other woman. A woman like no other woman.

Because Chrysanthemum Stone is the deadliest woman on the planet. A cold blooded killer; a stone cold fox.

With stories currently available in two compilations, Peter Sexton and Chrysanthemum Stone are gaining fans not only in America, but abroad, as well.
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