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Giving up is not an option for
young Miranda August.
If she fails, they win . . .
and she dies.

My Story
Peter sexton

is an award-winning writer and a musician. He lives in Southern California with his son, Cameron.

A life-long fan of the short story form, he can usually be found at one of his favorite coffee joints writing a new story freehand, or in his office working on his next novel. 

shelter from the storm

"Starts faster than Usian Bolt Running a world record. Shelter From the Storm sprints through the pages toward
a breathtaking finishing kick."

-- Paul Bishop, author of Lie Catchers

"Taut, twisty and jarring, Shelter From the Storm is a sure-fire grabber."
-- Gary Phillips, co-author of Culprits: The Heist
    Was Just the Beginning

"Like a good movie, I was sitting on the edge of my recliner the entire day reading your book."
-- DJ Adamson, editor L'Artiste

darkness keeps chasing

LAPD Detective Bill Laswell's worst fear begins to unfold when he receives an early-morning call informing him that his thirteen year old daughter has been abducted.

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"Determined to get revenge on his daughter's kidnapper, Detective Bill Laswell won't give up the hunt - but then it seems his search is something very different in this spooky story with a surprise ending that shows just how far some people will go for the truth...."
-- James T. Bartlett, author of the Gourmet Ghosts series

"A haunting tale told with the twist of a master."
-- August Norman, author of Come and Get Me

by Peter Sexton


Shelter From the Storm starts out fast and keeps up the momentum throughout the book. I did not want to stop reading it once I started.

Shelter from the Storm will grab you from the first page and take you on a fast-paced, intriguing ride with a very believable and well-crafted plot that unfolds seamlessly. After I read the first few chapters, I decided to start taking the train to work again instead of driving so I would have more time to read it, and I almost missed my stop because I was so engrossed in the story. I look forward to Peter Sexton's next book!

This is an awesome book. Couldn't put it down once I started reading. Best book that I have read this year.

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